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  Wikipedia: BerliOS

Wikipedia: BerliOS
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The BerliOS project was founded by FOKUS, a Fraunhofer society institute, to coordinate the different interest groups in the field of open source software (OSS) and to assume a neutral coordinator function. The target groups of BerliOS are developers and users of open source software on the one side and OSS-related companies on the other.

BerliOS is funded by the German government (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit). It consists of several subprojects:

  • Developer, a hosting platform for open source projects similar to SourceForge and GNU Savannah
  • DocsWell, a database for open source related documentation
  • SourceWell, a news service for open source projects
  • SourceLines, a "best practice" database for successful open source projects
  • SourceBiz, a list of open source companies
  • DevCounter, a database of open source developer profiles
  • OpenFacts, a wiki-based open source knowledge database (using the Wikipedia software)
  • SourceAgency (beta), a platform for coordinating open source funding

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