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  Wikipedia: Coloane

Wikipedia: Coloane
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Coloane ( Simplified: 路環島, Traditional: 路环岛, Pinyin: Lhun Dǎo, Jyutping: Lou6-waan4 Dou2, literally "Road Ring") is an island of Macau in the People's Republic of China.

Coloane was known as Jiuhaoshan (九澳山 "Nine-inlet Mountain"), Yanzaowan (鹽灶灣 "Salt-stove Bay"), and Guoluhuan (過路環 "Passing-road Ring").

South of Taipa (connected to it by the 2.2-km land-fill bridge, the Estrada do Istmo) and west of Greater Hengqing Island (大横琴岛) of Zhuhai, Coloane is 5.6 from peninsular Macau. The narrowest part of Coloane is 300 metres. Eastern and central Coloane is the highest part of Macau, with the highest point being the 171-metre Zhongdie Shitang Mountain (中疊石塘山). The northern shore of the island is 4.5 deep, and will be the site of the Macau Deepwater Port. The eastern Heisha Bay (黑沙灣 "Black-sand") and the southern Zhu Bay (竹灣 "Bamboo") are popular swimming areas.

During the Song Dynasty and until the Portuguese arrival in 1864, Coloane provided salt for China.


Religious: Others:
  • Museum of Nature and Agriculture (土地暨自然博物館)
  • A-Ma Statue (媽祖像): built on October 28, 1998 (lunar calendar September 9)


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