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  Wikipedia: Eksi Sozluk

Wikipedia: Eksi Sozluk
Eksi Sozluk
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Eksi Sozluk is a collaborative hypertext dictionary that follows almost the same concept as Everything2 or H2G2. The site is in Turkish; the name "Eksi Sozluk" translates to "Sour Dictionary".

When the site was founded on February 15, 1999, the developers had no idea that similar projects were around. Therefore the site design and the functionality may seem much different from that of other sites. Conceptually, however, the site is very similar to H2G2, since it has been inspired a lot by Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

AsAs of July 2003, there were 3,100,000 entries (actual plus deleted ones) and 4,000 active writers (called susers) in the web site. The creator of the site is known as SSG. There are 5 moderatorss who scrutinize and, if need be, modify/delete the entries of these 4,000 susers.

In Eksi Sozluk, all the susers have been splitted into 5 different generations (so far) each of which signifies the registering dates of each particular suser. For instance, if a suser registered to the site in 1999, he/she is a 1st generation suser, if in 2002, then he/she is a 4th generation suser.

Since Eksi Sozluk has not accepted any member for a long time, some people decided to create a similar web site to answer the needs of people who can only read but not write on Eksi Sozluk. Finally, they have formed a web site called Zibidi Sozluk which means "nutty dictionary" in Turkish.

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