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  Wikipedia: Enciclopedia Libre

Wikipedia: Enciclopedia Libre
Enciclopedia Libre
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The Enciclopedia Libre Universal en Espaņol is a Spanish language WikiWiki encyclopedia, released under the GFDL. The Enciclopedia Libre is running a variant of the "phase II" Wikipedia software.


The Enciclopedia was founded by contributors to the Spanish-language Wikipedia who decided to start an independent project. They left the Wikipedian community, led by Edgar Enyedy, on February 26, 2002, bringing with them all the articles of the Spanish-language Wikipedia at that time to a new website, provided by the University of Seville for free.

Possiblity of a merger

In October 2002, an effort led by Wikipedia participant Daniel Mayer ("maveric149") and others was made to reunite the projects, but the participants of Enciclopedia Libre voted against reunification before Wikipedia could offer a reunification proposal. The users of Enciclopedia Libre did, however, leave open the possibility for a future merge and expressed an interest in maintaining lines of communication. This episode also sparked a great deal of discussion about the role of the non-English Wikipedias and has led to several changes and planned changes wanted by the non-English Wikipedia communities.

Several talks have been made to make a merger. There are also may be changes, in the future, on Wikipedia and Enciclopedia Libre that may contribute to a merger

For more information and to participate in the talks, see Wikipedia:Embassy

See also: Wikipedia:Multilingual coordination

In October and Novermber 2003, the Spanish Wikipedia has been using a bot to import articles from a dump of Enciclopedia Libre.


   Date      # entries (conservative article count)
11 Mar 2002,  3036
20 Mar 2002,  4116
 2 Apr 2002,  5972
 1 May 2002,  7540
27 May 2002,  7837
13 Jun 2002,  8125
13 Jul 2002,  8519
 4 Aug 2002,  8658
31 Aug 2002,  8996
13 Sep 2002,  9237
 3 Oct 2002,  9362 
26 Oct 2002, 10258
17 Jun 2003, 14250 
 8 Jul 2003, 14428
 2 Aug 2003, 14662
 6 Sep 2003, 15116
 2 Nov 2003, 15572
 6 Dec 2003, 16039

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