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  Wikipedia: List of languages by total speakers

Wikipedia: List of languages by total speakers
List of languages by total speakers
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This is list of languages by total speakers (counting only native speakers).

Lists such as this may vary somewhat depending upon the definition given to certain terms. In particular, the exact difference between "dialect" and "language" is often important. An example of where this can have an impact is the case of Arabic, which can be considered either a single language or a group of related languages. Ethnologue, the source of this table, considers it to be multiple languages, and it is therefore not listed here. If one chose to count it as a single language, however, it would appear in the top ten.

  1. Mandarin Chinese, 890 million
  2. Spanish, 330 million
  3. English, 320 million
  4. Bengali, 190 million
  5. Hindi, 180 million
  6. Portuguese, 170 million
  7. Russian, 170 million
  8. Japanese, 125 million
  9. German 120 million
  10. Wu Chinese 77 million
  11. Javanese 75 million
  12. Korean 75 million
  13. French 72 million
  14. Vietnamese 68 million
  15. Telugu 66 million
  16. Yue Chinese 66 million
  17. Marathi 65 million
  18. Tamil 63 million
  19. Turkish 59 million
  20. Urdu 58 million
  21. Min Nan Chinese 49 million
  22. Polish 46 million
  23. Jinyu Chinese 45 million
  24. Gujarati 44 million
  25. Egyptian Arabic 43 million

Source: ethnologue

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