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  Wikipedia: Luoyang

Wikipedia: Luoyang
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Luoyang (洛陽) is a city in Henan province, China.

It lies on the southern bank of the Yellow River. It has been a national capital of China during six dynasty.

It is located on the central plain of China; its climate is temperate.

In AD 493 the Northern Wei Dynasty moved its capital from Datong to Luoyang and started the construction of the artificial Longmen Caves. More than 30,000 Buddhist images from the time of this dynasty have been found in the caves.

Cultural Sites

The Longmen Grottoes were listed by the UNESCO among the World Heritage Sites in 2000. White Horse Temple is located across the river.Guanlin is a series of temples that have been built in honor of a hero of the Three Kingdoms period, Guan Yu.

Luoyang is also famous for a special soup diet called Shui Xi.


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