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  Wikipedia: Magnatune

Wikipedia: Magnatune
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Magnatune is a small record label that uses Creative Commons license and values artists rights. It sells music mostly for download through its website.

For Artists

Magnatune makes non-exclusive agreements with artists and gives 50% of download purchase price to its artists [1]. These kind of policies were very rare among record labels in 2003-2004.

For Consumers

Users can stream and download music in mp3 form without charge before making a buying decission. All music is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license by Creative Commons [1].

The Future

Even though using liberal licensing and valuing artists rights is not a new idea in itself, Magnatune was one of the first and most visible companies to do this in 2003-2004. The time will tell if consumers want to buy download only music without CDs, and if this model produces enought profits for Magnatune to run a healthy business.

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