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  Wikipedia: Manglish

Wikipedia: Manglish
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Manglish is the version of the English language as spoken in Malaysia, and is very similar to Singlish in Singapore.

Theoretically, English as spoken in Malaysia is based on British English, and British spelling is generally followed, but American English is having a strong influence. Since 1968, Malay or Bahasa Malaysia has been the country's sole official language, and while English is still widely used, many Malay words have become part of common usage in English. An example is suffixing words with lah, i.e. "Don't be so worriedlah." There is also a strong influence from Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Tamil, which are other major languages spoken in Malaysia.

bahasa Malay language
bumiputra Malay or other indigenous Malaysian (literally 'son of the soil')
dadahnarcotic drugs
Datuk Title of honor given to certain male dignitaries
Datin Title of honor given to certain female dignitaries
East Malaysiastates of Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo
mat sallehCaucasian or white people
menteri besarchief minister of a Malaysian state
Merdekanational independence (literally 'freedom')
orang asliindigenous tribal people in Malaysia
ringgitcurrency of 100 sen, formerly Malaysian dollar
songkokblack rimless hat worn by Malay men
Yang di-Pertuan Agonghead of state, King

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