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  Wikipedia: March 21

Wikipedia: March 21
March 21
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March 21 is the 80th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (81st in leap years). There are 285 days remaining.




Holidays and observances

  • South Africa: Human Rights Day
  • Traditional date of vernal equinox, used for reckoning Easter. The real equinox usually occurs one day earlier.
  • The third day of Quinquatria in ancient Rome, held in honor of Minerva.
  • Bahá'í Faith: Naw Rúz - Bahá'í New Years
  • Bahá'í Faith - Bahá (Splendor) - First day of the first month of the Bahá'í Calendar
  • Bahá'í Faith - End of the fast (end of the 19 day sunrise to sunset fast
  • Ostara - Neopagan festival of Ostara
  • World Day Of Sleep- by World Health Organization

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