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  Wikipedia: Micheline Ostermeyer

Wikipedia: Micheline Ostermeyer
Micheline Ostermeyer
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Micheline Ostermeyer (December 23, 1922-October 18, 2001) was a French athlete and pianist.

Born in Rang-du-Fliers, France, she moved to Tunisia, where her family lived. There she learned to play the piano, and played so well that she was sent back to France to attend the Conservatory. After the outbreak of World War II, she moved back to Tunisia, and discovered sports, competing in basketball and athletics.

After the war, she started competing in athletics, and appeared to be a very versatile athlete. She competed in very diverse events, eventually winning French titles running, throwing and jumping events. She mixed her athletics career with music, playing - and winning - several concours at the time.

The 1948 Summer Olympics were Ostermeyer's finest hour as an athlete. She won a gold medal in the shot put, discus throw, and a bronze medal in the high jump. Her perfomance was only overshadowed by Fanny Blankers-Koen, who won 4 gold medals at the same Olympics.

She retired from sports in 1950 after having won two medals at that year's European Championships, and continued to pursue a career in music. She kept playing the piano until her death in Bois-Guillaume.



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