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  Wikipedia: Mozilla Firefox

Wikipedia: Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox
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Mozilla Firefox (formerly known as Phoenix and Mozilla Firebird) is a web browser, a spin-off project from Mozilla. The project aims to develop software that is smaller and faster than Mozilla by extracting and redesigning the browser part of the application suite.


Mozilla Firefox retains the cross-platform nature of the original Mozilla, as it uses the XUL user interface language. This contrasts with some other Mozilla-based projects, such as Galeon, Epiphany, K-Meleon, and Camino, and most other browsers, which all use interfaces native to their respective platforms.

Mozilla Firefox also retains the Gecko layout engine, which prides itself in high standards support and is also developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Many, if not all, Mozilla browser spinoffs (and Mozilla itself) use this engine to display HTML and other markup code.

Future releases of Mozilla are intended to consist of Mozilla Firefox coupled with Mozilla Thunderbird, a standalone mail client built on similar principles, to replace the current all-in-one application suite (codenamed SeaMonkey).

Despite all official Mozilla Foundation work being centered on the standalone browser and mail client, the SeaMonkey application suite frontend continues to be maintained by volunteers and corporate users.

On 5 February 2004, Mozilla Firefox (then Firebird) was categorized by AMS, a business and IT consulting company (Keating (2004)), as a "Tier 1" (meaning "Best of Breed") open source product. This means AMS considers it to be virtually risk-free and technically strong.

History of the name

Mozilla Firefox was known as "Phoenix" until April 14, 2003, when a name change was made, because of trademark issues with Phoenix Technologies, a BIOS manufacturer. The new name—initially just "Firebird" without "Mozilla" prepended—was met with a mixed reaction. Users and developers of the Firebird database server claimed that a Firebird web browser causes confusion. In late April 2003, the Mozilla Organization published a document stating that the browser should be referred to as "Mozilla Firebird" and not just "Firebird."

On 9 February 2004, Mozilla Firebird was renamed as Mozilla Firefox due to strong pressure from the Open Source community to rename the browser to resolve the name conflict with Firebird database server. The name "Firefox" was chosen for its similarity to "Firebird" but also for its uniqueness. "Firefox" is another name for the Red Panda. On the same day, Mozilla Firefox 0.8 was released, including a new download manager and an installer program for Microsoft Windows. This release was also the first after 0.7.1 to have no codename. In December 2003, the Mozilla Foundation began the process of registering Firefox as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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