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  Wikipedia: Presidential Commission

Wikipedia: Presidential Commission
Presidential Commission
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The Presidential Commission is the collective vice-presidency of the Republic of Ireland.


Three members serve on the Presidential Commission.


The Presidential Commission fulfils all functions and duties of the office of President of Ireland, when the presidency is vacant (due to death or resignation) or the incumbent president is

  • unavailable (eg, abroad, ill, otherwise engaged)
  • unwilling to act (should a president refuse to fulfill any of his or her duties and functions).
  • in the interregnum between the conclusion of one president's term of office and the inauguration of his or her successor. (An Irish president's term of office technically runs out on the day before the inauguration of their successor, though the fact is not generally realised.)

See President of Ireland for the President's powers and duties.


The Presidential Commission was created in the 1937 Constitution of Ireland. It was first used from December 1937, when the Constitution came into force, and June 1938, when the first President was inaugurated. Initially, as the Irish senate had not been constituted and elected, the role on the Presidential Commission normally fulfilled by the Cathaoirleach of Seanad Éireann was under the Transitory Provisions of the Constitution given to the President of the High Court.


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