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  Wikipedia: RMS Lusitania

Wikipedia: RMS Lusitania
RMS Lusitania
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RMS Lusitania was an ocean liner of the Cunard Steamship Lines that was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine on May 7, 1915 in an incident that played a role in the USA's entry into World War I.

General Characteristics

The Lusitania was a British cargo and passenger ship that was torpedoed and sank due to German submarine activity in May of 1915. It was a passenger ship normally used to ferry goods and people between England and the United States. It set out with the intent of delivering food and passengers to England in spite of threats of sinking by German authorities.

Six days after setting out, on May 7, 1915, the Lusitania was too slow in noticing both the periscope and the torpedo of a German submarine.

The Lusitania shows evidence that she may have been torpedoed a second or even a third time - but the second, most destructive, explosion may not have been caused by a German torpedo, but rather may have come from inside the ship.

The reason behind this speculation is that the Lusitania's cargo can be called into question. She had originally said she would take, along with her passengers, platinum, bullion, diamonds and various other precious stones, but these things were never found and port records do not list them either. She is believed to have instead carried, under the guise of bales of fur and cheese boxes, 3-inch shells and millions of rounds of rifle ammunition. If true, these materials comprised "a contraband and explosive cargo which was forbidden by American law and... should never have been placed on a passenger liner" (Simpson, Colin. The Lusitania. Little, Brown and Company, Boston., 1972; 157-158).


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