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  Wikipedia: Rod Roddy

Wikipedia: Rod Roddy
Rod Roddy
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Rod Roddy (September 28, 1937 - October 27, 2003), born Robert Ray Roddy, was a television announcer. Roddy was born in Fort Worth, Texas.

He graduated from Texas Christian University and was a popular disc jockey on KXOL (Fort Worth, Texas) before moving to Hollywood.

His long resume included the situation comedy Soap (1977-1981); also, the game shows Love Connection (1981-1985), and Press Your Luck (1983-1986).

Roddy was best known as the announcer on The Price Is Right. He replaced Johnny Olson after his death in 1985, and continued until approximately August, 2003. Roddy was known on the show for his excitement and flamboyance. Frequently shown on camera while he announced 'the next contestant on the Price is Right', Roddy often wore impossibly loud and flamboyant outfits, particularly colorful sportjackets.

Roddy was diagnosed with colon and breast cancer in 2001. The diagnosis led Roddy to become a spokesperson for early detection of cancer. Roddy: "I could have prevented all this with a colonoscopy and, of course, that's the campaign I've been on since I had the first everybody out there, 'Get a mammogram!' It can happen to men, too."

While ill with his cancer for over two years, Rod Roddy continued to do announcing for The Price is Right as long as he could, right up to his last hospitalization two months before his death. As late as October 23, the CBS Early Show was inviting its viewers to send get well cards to Rod.

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