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  Wikipedia: The Village People

Wikipedia: The Village People
The Village People
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The Village People were a novelty disco band of the late 1970s. The gay-themed group was well known for their outrageous on-stage costumes (the members dressing up as a police officer, an American Indian chief, a construction worker, and a sailor) as for their catchy tunes and lyrics, which had gay themes which are often considered to be subtle enough to be missed by some heterosexuals.

Their hit "In The Navy" was, according to an urban myth, considered by the United States Navy for use in a recruiting advertising campaign until the organisation, which had a policy against allowing homosexuals at the time, actually realised the joke was on them.

Their other hits included "Macho Man" and "YMCA", a song about the YMCA. A dance involving forming these four letters with arms and legs is still popular at office functions and college parties more than twenty years later.

The group also appeared in their feature film Can't Stop the Music, directed by Nancy Walker, written by Allan Carr and Bronte Woodard; and starring Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner, and The Village People.

The real names of the Village People are:

  • Victor Willis (the cop, original)
  • Ray Simpson (the cop, replacement)
  • David "Scar" Hodo (the construction worker)
  • Glenn Hughes (the leatherman)
  • Alexander Briley (the G.I.)
  • Randy Jones (the cowboy)
  • Felipe Rose (the Indian)

Village People singer Glenn Hughes died of cancer on March 4, 2001. (He is no relation to Glenn Hughes, the former Deep Purple bassist and vocalist.)

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