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  Wikipedia: Vincenzo Coronelli

Wikipedia: Vincenzo Coronelli
Vincenzo Coronelli
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Marco Vincenzo Coronelli (August 16, 1650 - December 9, 1718) was an Italian cartographer and encyclopedist known in particular for his globes.

Coronelli was a Minoite Friar and doctor of Theology at the Collegium Santo Bonaventura in Rome. Though he is perhaps best known for the globes that he crafted. In 1678 Coronelli created two globes for the Duke of Parma. These globes had a diameter of 175cm and were finely crafted. This drew the attention of the French ambassador who subsequently invited Coronelli to Paris. Coronelli moved to the French capital in 1681, where he lived for two years. Coronelli was commissioned by Louis XIV to produce two globes — one of the earth, the other of the heavens. These globes measuring 384cm in diameter are presently located in the National library of France. Due to his renown he worked in various European countries in the following years, permanently returning to Venice in 1705. In Venice he founded the very first geographical society, the Accademia Cosmografica degli Argonauti. He also held the position of Cosmographer of the Republic of Venice.

The first six volumes of the Biblioteca Universale Sacro-Profana was published by Coronelli. This was the first encyclopedia to be ordered alphabetically.

Coronelli died at the age of 68 in Venice, having created hundreds of maps in his liftime. Some of the original globuses by Coronelli are today located in the National library of Austria and in the library of the Stift Melk. A well-preserved pair of heaven and earth globuses from 1688 and 1693 are located in the city libray of Trier.

The International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes, founded 1952 in Vienna, is named in his honour.


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